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NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 20" Discovery

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The NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike 20" Discovery is one of the best fat tire beach cruiser bikes you can find in the market today! This popular model outperforms most electric bikes in its price range and has features that you'd commonly see on more expensive bikes.

Want to experience the modern convenience that makes this bike so comfortable and satisfying to use? Get to know more about the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike, the features, and get one for you or your loved ones today!

Specifications of the NAKTO 20" Discovery Electric Bike

Being made with high-quality materials, the NAKTO 20" is full of different features for a fat tire cruiser bike with its price range and popularity level. 

Don't believe us? Check out its specifications:

  • Motor: Rear Hub 300W
  • Weight: 68 Lbs with battery.
  • Battery:48v 8Ah Lithium 
  • Battery Packing:1390*240*740mm
  • Range:0-25 Miles
  • Tire:20" x 4"
  • Charging Time:4-6 Hours
  • Derailleur: 6 Speed SHIMANO
  • Display: LED
  • Lights: LED light/Rear reflective light
  • Sensor: Speed sensor
  • Wiring: Waterproof Connectors & Wiring Harness
  • Battery Life: Up to 1000 Cycles
  • Recommended Rider Height: 5'0" ~6'3"
  • Brakes: Disc brakes
  • Functions: Pedal Assist/On-Demand Throttle
  • Max Loading: 110KG
  • Modes: 3 MODES

Storage and Portability

The NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 20" Discovery is one of the most comfortable electric bikes to store. Because of the relatively lightweight of the bicycle (68 lbs with the battery), you can lift it to any corner of your garage or home with little to no difficulty. It is also not large enough to be a nuisance in a corner in your house, so you don't have to worry about your home feeling claustrophobic when you need to keep the electric bike inside.

If you want to save up on inventory space, you can get an electric bike wall storage rack to save you the trouble. The NAKTO Fat Tire Discovery is also great to bring along on road trips or vacations near the mountains since it can be used on both uneven ground or empty roads perfectly.

The NAKTO Fat Tire Bike is amazing at being a rural and urban companion, being able to fit in tight places, and being used in a plethora of different roads and pathways!


When it comes to getting an e-bike that will last you years, performance is a factor that you shouldn't overlook. The NAKTO Fat Tire Discovery Electric Bicycle is not an e-bike that you should scoff at performance-wise. 

With a powerful aluminum alloy 300W motor, this e-bike can reach the top of any steep hill in your path. You don't have to worry about the battery shutting down mid-ride either because it can last incredibly long with the battery. The battery can be charged from utterly empty to full in 6 hours, but judging that you won't even run the battery dry, it will probably take around 3-4 hours to go to complete after every ride.

Not to mention the additional features that it has down below as well!

Rider Safety—Brakes & Lights

Worrying about your safety should always be the case when you're buying something that you will be using on roads and different pathways. However, the NAKTO Fat Tire Discovery is equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes that will be sure to make you stop the way you want to stop every time!

If you're a fan of going on night rides, you don't have to worry about lugging around a flashlight or headlight with you every time. The e-bike has front LED lights that you can turn on and off freely and a contemplative life on the rear so that any cars that may be cruising by are aware that you're in front of them!


When buying anything, comfort is an aspect that should always be your number one priority. The NAKTO Fat Tire Discovery Electric Bicycle is incredibly comfortable to use because of the features below!


The fat tires on the NAKTO Discovery feel incredibly smooth to ride on. They not only provide an extra layer of protection because of the grip, but they also make bumps feel non-existent. The tires can absorb the impact of short drops and bumps on the road, and it looks slick and classy!

Ergonomic Saddle

The NAKTO Fat Tire Discovery Electric Bicycle seat can be adjusted based on your preference, height, and body proportions. It has an ergonomic design to make sure that you feel completely comfortable during your ride, no matter how bumpy the ride becomes, and it also provides support while driving.

Don't forget the high-quality leather they use to make it look as good as it feels and the soft cushion trapped inside the outer layer.

Pedal Assistance & Display

This fat tire e-bike provides five pedal assistance levels that you can choose from and adjust to your liking using the controls on the handlebars. This allows you to fully customize how the bike feels based on the speed that you usually go and the style that you ride with.

The pedal assistance level is easily in the view of the rider on the LED display. Speaking of the display, it also gives you information on the speed you're currently going in, the battery percentage you have left, and the distance or time you've ridden.

Unique Twist Throttle

If you need a little bit of extra power to get you through a steep hill or want to have a short pause, the twist throttle will give you that extra power that you need. This makes riding on the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike 20" Discovery fun and effortless at the same time!

It comes with a stylish black with small hints of orange; the bike is simply too good to pass on. If you're prepared to have one of the best e-bikes you've ever owned, check out the NAKTO Fat Tire Discovery now!

Order one today and enjoy the outdoors and commuting with Nakto!

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