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NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle

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If you are looking for the best price with the right value, then the NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle is one of the best options for you. It has fantastic storage options and light integrations. You're also getting a lightweight electric bike that offers speed and power, just the way you like. 

Learn more about this bike, we're here to give you all the details, and more so you can decide to get one for yourself, your friend, or family!

Product Specifications

Let's get into the basics, as you can see. These are the basic specifications of the product, so you can use this information against other brands. 


    MOTOR : Rear Hub 36V 250W G.W :   68  Lbs with battery.
    BATTERY: 36v 10Ah Lithium Battery PACKING: 1425*280*775mm
    RANGE: 18-20 Miles  Tire: 26"*1.75
    DISPLAY: LED displayer LIGHTS: Front LED light, rear reflective light
    SENSOR: Speed Sensor WIRING: Waterproof Connectors and Wiring Harness
    BATTERY LIFE: Up to 1000 Cycles RIDER HEIGHTS:  5'4" - 6'2"
    BRAKE: Front V brake ,rear expansion brake FUNCTIONS: Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle
    FRAME: steel frame

    Storage and Portability of NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle

    One of the best ways to store and key your bike, especially for small spaces and homes is to hang it on the wall. With the right wall-hang support, you can store the NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle this way. Get the best storage rack for your bike, and keep it safe in tight spaces. However, for homes with bigger spaces, you can also store it in your garage. Another option could simply be placing it in the corner of your home. 

    When using the bike, you can easily lock this in a bike storage or bike parking corner. Considering that it's lightweight, you can also bring the bike when camping or on a road trip. It can virtually fit anywhere, and you can store it in any corner as long as it's safe for the bike and the people inside your home. 

    Performance and Safety

    Buying a bike, motorcycle, or vehicle, buyers always consider the vehicle's safety features and use. It's one of the most important parts of any purchases we make. When it comes to the safety of the NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle, it has complete safety features that a rider needs, and this include the following: 

    Brakes and Grips 

    The details of the brake of the bike include a generic rim brake in the front. In the rear part, it has a drum brake. Moreover, it also has four finger levers with motor inhibitors to help maintain a safer ride. Riders are also provided more comfort as the bike has flat black grips. These are friction mounted and have stiff rubber for better grip. 


    Another safety feature for any bikes is the lights. For the NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle, it has a headlight and tail light, which are essential when it comes to driving or riding at night or under the rain. The lights have high brightness night features to ensure a clearer pathway for both the rider and other motorists on the road. 

    Display and Buttons

    It has an LED display that allows the user to conveniently see and operate the bike's features. The display is fixed, and there are basic buttons near the display. These buttons include the horn and headlight buttons for easier access. 

    For the display accessories, the bike has a thumb throttle on the right. The headlight button is set as a push button, along with the horn. The display shows the battery level, and it does not have a speedometer.

    Driver's Comfort

    Let's face it, our comfort when riding a bike is important because, most of the time, we use it for more than an hour, especially if we're using it for commuting. We also use this for a longer period when we bring it on vacation.

    When it comes to comfort, the NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle. We can say that it is comfortable because of the following features:

    • It has fenders that make a lot of difference when riding the bike when it's raining. 
    • The bikes' suspension fork also adds more comfort when driving on unpaved or slightly rough roads and terrains.
    • It is also a full chain bike, which lessens the chain's issues dropping off from the ring or jam between the ring and frame, which can damage the bike and uncomfortable rides. 

    Battery and Power

    The battery's charging time is between 4 to 6 hours, which is not that bad because you can have up to 1000 cycles if it's fully charged. The size of the battery is also just right when compared with the motor size. When accessing the battery, all you have to do is flip the latch under the saddle and tilt the saddle forward. It's also recommended that, when not in use, store the battery in a cool area to prolong its life. 

    The power of the bike is accessed through the twist throttle or the cadence based pedal assist. The power is fairly the same as the other electric bikes, and the minimum range is 16 kilometers (10 miles), and the maximum range is 40 kilometers (25 miles). 


    Considering that the bike is designed for the Western market, the bike cannot hold a lot of weight. However, it can cater to individuals with different heights. The seat is comfortably large and can be adjusted. 

    The grip and handlebars of the bike are also comfortable. The goal is to ensure that the rider easily navigates the handlebars and the buttons for controls when riding the bike. 

    If you are ready to add a new bike to your collection or want to start riding, then check out the NAKTO Camel Men's 26" City Electric Bicycle today!

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