Why E-Bikes? Seven Reasons E-Bikes Blow Regular Bikes Away

Why E-Bikes? Seven Reasons E-Bikes Blow Regular Bikes Away

Why E-Bikes? Seven Reasons E-Bikes Blow Regular Bikes Away

As the electronic bicycle market grows, many American consumers have questions. What does an e-bike offer that a conventional bike doesn’t?  How do e-bikes work? What size do I need? How much do e-bikes cost? How do I pick the right model for my lifestyle? And above all, are e-bikes worth it

We've helped thousands of customers find the best e-bikes at the best prices.   Riders have discovered that e-bikes offer all the appeal of conventional bikes - but with a serious increase in versatility and fun! 

Here are seven reasons people from their twenties to their seventies are choosing to invest in an e-bike. 

  1. Go longer, faster!

E-bikes are similar to conventional bikes, with one crucial addition - a small motor that will assist your pedal power. You still control the speed, but you’ll have an easier time accelerating and keeping the pace up. 

A removable battery (which you can charge on or off the bike) powers the motor.  Some e-bikes also have throttles, which allow you to engage the motor with a push of a button.  A motorized bicycle will give you the confidence you need to tackle more ambitious routes and bike further distances. 

You’ll use your bike more, knowing that you have options in terms of how much you want to exert yourself. 

  1. Accessible for people of varying fitness levels. 

E-bikes allow people with a variety of fitness levels to enjoy biking unhindered. Whether you think age, weight, or lack of strength means you can’t bicycle anymore, think again!  The extra power provided by your e-bike motor will make the fun of riding a bike accessible to you again.

Choose a step-through style bike for easy mounting. Bikes with pedal-free propulsion (check out The American Electric Veller) offer the most effortless user experience.  

We get asked how much e-bikes weigh from customers who are concerned about accessibility. Fortunately, lighter e-bikes are only 40-45 lbs., which is manageable for almost everyone. 

  1. No more sweaty commutes.

Commuting by bicycle is an economical, active, and eco-friendly choice for urban workers. An e-bike makes this much easier to implement by reducing the effort required to navigate hills and longer routes. If conventional bicycle commuting doesn’t work for you because of distance, an e-bike might make it a possibility for you by speeding up the trip. And say hello to much easier parking!

With an e-bike, you’ll still increase your daily activity, but you’ll be less likely to break a serious sweat that could spoil your professional appearance. That little bit of extra ‘oomph’ when you’re facing a steep hill or makes a big difference in the rush to work. 

It's hard to rely on public transportation, which can be germy, inconvenient, and sedentary. A fat tire e-bike (like the Ecotric Fat Tire Beach and Snow Electric Bike) can keep you commuting through the winter, despite inclement weather. 

  1. Safer than other two-wheeled modes of transportation. 

If you’re not comfortable on a motor scooter or motorcycle, an e-bike is a safer option, they're lighter and easier to handle.  Road e-bikes allow you to keep up with the pace of traffic and circumvent intersections without losing time, making you less vulnerable as a bicyclist. 

Interestingly, the approximate annual injury rate for e-bikes is 1.4 injuries per 1000 e-bikes. That’s compared to 10 injuries per 1000 conventional bikes! Research into the safety of e-bikes is growing, and the results are promising.

Selecting the right size of the bike will increase your safety and comfort level. Your inseam length determines e-bike sizing (here’s a video showing you how to find this measurement). A fat tire style bike, or one with a frame style that allows you to sit upright, may help you feel safer as well. And don’t forget that a large, comfy seat will give you a super-stable base! 

  1. Offers a great workout. 

Many people are surprised to learn that e-bikes offer many of the same fitness benefits as regular bikes. This is because, for the most part, you still need to pedal to move.  Owning an e-bike may make you more likely to get out and ride (while your conventional bike sits in your garage.)

Electric mountain bikes can be used exclusively for fitness pursuits. You can take your e-bike to the beach, the mountains, or the trails - even if it’s snowy outside!  Explore your community and improve your cardiovascular fitness with the assistance of an e-bike. 

  1. Makes it easier to pull kids, pets, and cargo. 

If you’re a parent, pet owner or camper - or you use your e-bike for grocery runs and beach trips - a trailer is a lifesaver! Using a conventional bike with a trailer can be grueling, especially on hot days or hilly routes. Attach a trailer to the back of your e-bike and rely on your motor to help you haul the extra weight. 

Tip: E-bikes with a wide range of gears provide the range necessary to haul precious cargo with ease. 

  1. Versatile - use with or without an electric boost.

One of the best things about e-bikes is their versatility. While a conventional bike only has one function, an e-bike can function as either an electric bike OR a traditional bike. Simply turn the motor off and pedal away! You can even remove the battery to save some weight. 

This gives e-bikes the upper hand compared to regular bikes. Bikes like the Ecotric Rocket Beach and Snow Fat Tire Electric Bike are barely distinguishable from conventional bikes, with a streamlined, sporty frame. The motor is simply there to support you in your adventure! 

E-bikes are the future. Add the innovation and ease these amazing machines provide to your life today by shopping at our personable virtual store. We’re here to answer your questions and give you the information you need to make a great buying decision.