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Firmstrong Beach Cruisers

As the beach cruiser market has grown, so have the number of bike manufacturers. You may find it difficult to choose the right beach cruiser brand from amongst the many options available, especially if you’re new to the beach bike lifestyle. We’re here to help you make the best buying decision for your budget, body type, and style preferences. 

Firmstrong is a hugely popular brand at A Firmstrong beach cruiser is a great option for either a first purchase or an upgrade. Let’s explore their models and options together and get you cruising ASAP! 

What are Beach Cruiser Bikes?

Beach cruisers are simple, stylish lifestyle bikes, designed for riding on paths, sidewalks, trails, and beaches. They’re not for competition or intense athletic endeavors, or for riding on busy metropolitan streets - rather, they’re designed for people who want to enjoy a bike ride both as a leisurely pastime and an environmentally friendly way to get somewhere. 

They typically boast simple, retro lines, seats and handlebars that prioritize comfort, and wide low-pressure tires that provide stability and safety. There are both women's beach cruisers and men’s beach cruisers available to accomodate different heights and weights. Many beach cruisers are fixed gear bikes designed for flat terrain, but there are models like the Firmstrong Chief Lady 7 Speed - Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike that offer multiple gears to accommodate hills and more demanding rides.

Why Choose Firmstrong Cruiser Bikes? 

Firmstrong beach cruisers have dominated the market for the past ten years. They’re designed in California, where the beach cruiser movement started in the 1970s amongst surfers and vacationers along the coast. This brand has set the standard for beach cruiser bikes. Their products are cool, high-quality, and designed for comfort and ease of usage. Get the most bang for your buck with a Firmstrong Cruiser Bike

Which Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Is Right For Me? 

Choose the right Firmstrong beach cruiser for you based on three variables: sex, height/weight, and riding terrain. Choose a bigger bicycle if you’re a taller person, and select a beach cruiser with multiple speeds if you plan to tackle hills and longer rides. A tall woman who lives in a city may want a different bike than a smaller guy who lives by the beach. 

Here are some of our most popular models for your consideration: 

  • Firmstrong Chief Single Speed - Men's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike

This stable, modern cruiser is great for taller men who want a reliable bike with a masculine profile. Its extended body and forward pedal position makes it comfortable for larger riders. Check out the cool matte paint finish and subtle color options.

This simple, affordable bike is ideal for women who just want to hop on a bike and ride! The classic styling is complimented by a selection of attractive retro colors. Offers a smooth, comfortable ride. 

This unfussy bike is great for ease of use and comfort. If you’re an average-sized guy who wants to enjoy recreational rides with minimal terrain changes, this cool, nostalgic bike is the one for you. 

This model is great for taller women who want to tackle some hills and longer rides. Three speeds adapt to a variety of terrains, while the spacious frame accommodates longer legs. 

This bike is great for petite women, teenagers, or older kids who need a compact, straightforward bike. This small bike is safe and high-quality - it’s great for any adventure!