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Beach Cruiser Bikes for Your Best Summer

Do you want to stay active and enjoy your city from a new vantage point this summer? Make a beach cruiser bicycle an indispensable part of your warm weather lifestyle. Summer is the ideal time to invest in a beach cruiser bike: the days are longer, most beaches become fun social hubs, and your schedule likely allows for more leisure and recreation. Many summer hobbies are expensive and inconvenient, but beach cruiser bikes in 2020 are affordable and accessible for anyone, especially with our excellent sale prices at 

What is A Beach Cruiser? 

A beach cruiser is a comfortable, eye-catching type of casual bike with a cushy, wide seat,  touring-style handlebars that allow the rider to sit upright, and chunky tires designed for usage on sand, grass, and low-traffic city sidewalks. Their retro, lightweight frames and sturdy tires mean they’re both convenient and safe for recreational riding. If you’re looking for a reason to get outside and get moving this summer, this is it. Go for a solo ride and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, or meet up with friends and form your own beach cruiser bicycle club! They’re popular with everyone from kids to senior citizens. 

Where Did Cruiser Bikes Originate? 

Cruiser bikes were introduced in the 1970s in California beach towns and have grown in popularity every year since. They’re appealing to cyclists and non-cyclists alike thanks to their comfort, durability, and nostalgia. Models like the super-comfy Firmstrong Chief Lady 7 Speed - Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike draw lots of inspiration style-wise from beach cruisers’ 1970’s roots, whereas bikes like the Firmstrong Chief Lady 3 Speed - Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike boast modern details if that’s more your thing. 

While beach cruiser bicycles are ideally suited to - you guessed it -beaches, they can be enjoyed in towns and cities without beaches as well. Bring the feeling of a vacation into your everyday life with a men’s beach cruiser or women’s beach cruiser. There’s a model for every preference. You can even use a beach cruiser as a commuter bike if you live in a smaller city or town! 

Types of Beach Cruiser Bikes 

There’s a wide variety of beach cruiser bikes for sale on the market today. Women’s and men’s cruiser bike models come in many sizes to accommodate different heights and weights, with unique styling and modern color choices. The best cruiser bikes for kids are small and super safe, with fatter tires and colors that appeal to boys and girls. Teenagers may prefer a trendy lowrider beach cruiser like the Micargi Puma GTS 26″ Coaster Brake Single Speed with 68 Spokes Stretch Cruiser Bicycle, sure to turn heads on any beach. A compact bike like the Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed - Women's 24" Beach Cruiser Bike is a great option for teenage girls. 

Start Living the Beach Cruiser Lifestyle Today 

Cruiser bikes are super affordable and easy to store due to their light-weight frames. Get one for each of your family members to create special summer memories together. The right beach cruiser will get you around your neighborhood, town, and beach in comfort and style. If you’re unsure which is the best beach cruiser bike for you, please contact us for recommendations or check out the variety of models available in our online store. Many models are selling out quickly as the weather warms up, so take advantage of our sale prices as soon as you can!